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Siamo un gruppo di professionisti del settore…

We are an aerial work with helicopter company  operating on the whole national territory since 1981.

We own the required ministerial concessions for aerial works and public passenger transportation granted by the Ministry of Transport; we also have the authorization for filming activities.

We have the JAR 145  and the ISO 9001:2008 certification.
ISO 9001:2008

We are delivering  fire fighting services nationwide since 1984,

Up to now, we also specialized in the various kinds of cargo hook works and in aeronautical accessories construction , useful for that work, some products, such as fire fighting skips , are sold to other aeronautical societies.

Our activity includes also various kinds of aerial works such:

Cargo hook works (especially in the building field), concrete transport and pouring, rockfall catch fences and avalanche barriers installation, power lines installation, electric pylons installation, materials transport, power lines thermal control services with video camera, disinfestation, timbers transport, liquid and granular substances spilling, hydroseeding, forestry services for fire prevention and fighting, ecological and hunting surveillance, fire sighting, air filming, passenger/vip transportation, armored transport service, air ambulance and general rescue (rally racing – off-shore and so on…).

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Maintenance:: our firm believes safety is basilar, so it provides excellent maintenance for its aircrafts. Star Work Sky can boast high qualified and specialized technicians for this purpose.

This Qualities are recognized at a national level, in fact Star Work Sky is authorized to maintain other societies and private client’s helicopters, for those who wants to have a high quality maintenance system.

ISO 9001:2008

We operate on the whole national territory.